6 reasons to attend Contentful Blueprints Europe 2021 Roadshow

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The digital transformation is in full swing, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses have to be at the forefront of the technical evolution to stay competitive in these fast-paced times with an ever-increasing amount of international competitors. Or they will be outpaced by competitors who offer a more integrated and seamless presentation and delivery of products and services. To stay ahead in the digital-first era, new skills and new technologies are crucial to deliver outstanding digital user experiences. 

One of these skills is effective and efficient content management: Creating, managing and distributing content across various channels and displays in a timely manner is evermore important. As the future is omnichannel, the way how traditional content management systems are built is not future-proof anymore. Headless CMS offer a more agile way of handling content. As a leader in this field Contentful showcases its products on the Blueprints 2021 Roadshow which will take place as a virtual event on April 15, 2021, starting at 9:00 AM CEST. Bright IT is proud to be among the partners with an own session on the agenda.

Here are 6 reasons to register for the event

If you are interested in improving the digital experience of your company’s online presence to increase sales and brand loyalty but are not yet convinced to reserve 3 hours for this virtual event here are some arguments in favor of your attendance:

  • The event gathers more than 1000 digital leaders, platform strategists and digital marketing specialists.

  • 11 sessions cover the strategic outlook of content, the capabilities of Contentful and diverse partner and customer showcases.

  • Presentation of Contentful’s latest major release, Compose + Launch.

  • Our showcase “Storytelling meet commerce” together with Swarovski Optik.     

  • You can ask your questions in the live chat during the event or during the live Q&A.

  • If you cannot attend live you can watch the sessions on-demand afterwards.

Follow the link below to the Contentful Blueprints website to find the full agenda and registration form. We would be glad to have you at the event.

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for the Contentful Blueprints Europe 2021 Roadshow